Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why We Still Need Libraries and Librarians
By Jamie McKenzie

Given the literacy and comprehension challenges facing schools in this decade — especially those presented by the new information landscape — we need libraries and librarians now more than ever.

Unfortunately, there are many leaders who are ill equipped to understand these challenges or the role librarians might play in helping teachers and schools to meet them. When this lack of understanding combines with budgetary woes, we are seeing drastic reduction in force across the continent. This amounts to intellectual disarmament. In L.A., for example, as many as 44 school librarians out of a total of 150 were issued provisional pink slips according to an article, "Pink Slips—and Rumors—Fly in L.A." published in the American Libraries' Inside Scoop published March 17, 2010. The same pattern is being repeated in many districts.

This article begins by listing some of the challenges presented by the new landscape and then suggests why libraries and librarians are crucial.

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