Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Round 2 Week 4 P90X Plus
Wednesday: P90X Plus Total Body & 12 mi. Bike

So, there I was... thinking, heck, the Abs Core routine -- why not do it three days in a row instead of two? Surely I could add it back in today, Wednesday, and *really* rock the first three days of this new week.

Shaaa, right. Total Body = TOTAL... BODY.

I mean, the second move -- do a pull-up, get your chin over that bar, then bring your knees up, tuck them into your CHIN, then go all the way down... repeat, 15 times or so. If that's not an Abs Core move, I don't know what is.

At the end of Total Body, the muscles in all groups are more than worked to their peak -- the last 2-3 moves really bring home the burn and rip out the last bit of energy you have left.

Awesome 70 degree, sunny, clear Wed. ahead here in NC. Lots to do, time to get to it.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Round 2 Week 4 P90X Plus
Tuesday: P90X Intervals Plus + Abs Core Plus & 12 mi. Bike

Yes indeed. Time to follow the guide this week and tack on the Abs Core after the ripping Cardio lovin' of Intervals Plus. No sweat.

Well, actually, LOTS of sweat. Near the end I just gave up on the ol' T-shirt brow wipe. Let it flow Timster, let 'er drip on the ol' workout mat. Crazy great burn, up, down, sideways, all the rest.

Awesome sunny, clear day -- a bit cooler, but perfect for the end of April. Rock it!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Round 2 Week 4 P90X Plus
Monday: P90X Plus Upper Plus + Abs Core Plus & 12 mi. Bike
^ Dodged those raindrops from noon to 1 -- perfect timing. Right Wes?

Now this is one awesome way to start a chilly, rainy Monday morning! Get the whole upper body into the mix, round it all off with some serious Abs Core work at the end, sweat like a monster, and get the natural endorphins into the ol' body pre-work.

Really enjoying the pull up/hanging Abs work from that bar. I can feel some insane pulling/muscle usage in my lower back and sides during those moves. Can only be good!

Had a relaxing weekend, tons of soccer games (fun!), and started dubbing over all my hold Hi-8 videotapes to DVD-R's. We have some many great long scenes with Will as a baby and his first few months of life. Not just short shots -- some 10-15 minute "visits" with him, and over time you really watch the little things change in his voice, body, etc. We were really lucky to get his first steps on tape, crawling, going into max/relax mode with Uncle Doug ;), and tons more.

Will was fascinated watching himself as a baby, never for bored for a second.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Democrats @ CollegeHumor

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Bush & Company: Lies Exposed, Country YAWNS

Rock on PBS. We were all sold an unjust war, and Bush thinks we're stupid enough to keep believing the lies. Everyone should see this.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Round 2 Week 3 P90X Plus
Friday: P90X Plus Upper + Ab/Core Plus & 10 mi. Bike
Saturday: P90X Kenpo Plus
Sunday: P90X Stretch/Rest

Woah Nelly (Tony?), sooo nice to get back to the insanity of upper AND the all-new ABS routine. My arms took it all in stride, nearly failed when they were supposed to, and are looking, well... alien to me.

I stare down at the length of each arm while I'm bringing a 35 pounder to my shoulder or chest and... woah. Who's arms are those? I've never seen definition like THIS before, are these MINE?

Yup, yup... reaping some rewards here in Round 2 for sure. Stomach area? Finally coming into its own. Arms? Alien. Legs? Even more defined, seeing a clear U shape between my knee cap and the sides of my legs... hard to describe, but see-able.

Ultra-hot 83 degree day out there today, doing to rock that trail like nobody's bizness today.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Round 2 Week 3 P90X Plus
Thursday: P90X Yoga X & 10 mi. Bike

Ahhh yes, the good ol' Yoga workout. My legs weren't too happy about getting deep down into the early part of the routine... lots of hamstring/front and back of the top leg action.

But, just always, a complaining muscle submits to hard use after 15-20 minutes. I think my bike rides are really having an impact -- I'm able to hold the moves a little longer, feel more steady, and stronger on my feet.

Awesome 80 degree day with sunny, clear, Carolina blue skies outside my office window. Can't wait to his the trails at lunch and tear 'em up!

Super Power Bloke:
How to Save the Planet!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Round 2 Week 3 P90X Plus
Wednesday: P90X+ Total Body & 14 mi. Bike

This (the last of the new Plus workouts, *sniff*) is one sweaty, crazy routine. Right out of the gate the warmup is crazy quick, and we move right into synergystics that rock your body.

Who knew it was a good idea to put your push-up bars near your pull-up bar? Tony Horton did, that's who!

Who knew you could combine a lunge with a squat with an over-the-head dumbell move, then take it all the way down, then back up again?

This one takes the rice, beans, salsa, queso cheese, shredded beef, guacamole (spelling?), sour cream, wraps it in a 7-grain tortilla, puts one 10-pounder in each hand, and makes you work out with 'em.

(Ok, that didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but now I'm hungry, again.)

Speaking of hungry, a lil' wake up call on the diet end of things. I've been following the tenets of the portion control to Fat Ripper I this time around. But I'm secretly wondering if it's time to up the consumption.

Why? Well, yesterday I did my usual 10-12 mile bike ride. This time, I had my good ol' heart monitor on my wrist, and kept my pace between 75 and 92 percent of max -- big time heart pumping in the 170's to 190's. Started the timer in the driveway, hit it every 10-12 minutes during the ups/downs of the ride, then stopped it when I coasted into the garage.

Calories burned? A little over 800.

Add to that my morning workings that have averaged 750-1,100, and we're talking burning basically 1,500-1,600 calories in workouts, five days a week. (Saturday is 800-900 P90 only usually, and Sunday's are stretch/rest.)

That's some serious output, without much increase in food input over the beginning of the program. The results are pretty great -- down to a solid 183 on the scale, midsection is coming into its own (seeing some new deep lines around the waist and some new muscles coming forward), and down from size 38/40 to 33 pants.

So, I think it's time to keep the intensity high and add some more food/protein... Matches what I read in the guide. Worth a shot.

Enjoy your hump day!

Working Class British @ Star Wars

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Round 2 Week 3 P90X Plus
Tuesday: P90X+ Intervals & 10 mi. Bike

When I started Power 90 in 1/07, I was out of shape. Very.. out.. of.. shape.

So the very first week or so of the 1-2 DVD "American Fatboy" (Hi Doug!) Cardio / Sculpt caused me some pain.

How much pain? Put it this way -- I get into the shower after doing the deed, eating some breakfast, and proceed to reach over my head to apply the shampoo.

Ouch. Pain. Soreness. In the arms. Hard to get the ol' arms UP UP UP.

So it was today -- only in some awesome NEW places. My biceps -- little voices deep inside the tissue mini-moaning in agony. Oooh yes, pain in my biceps, for the first time in months? Very good!

And the second spot? The left and right sides of my back, in the very center. Again, two new spots for soreness. Very good! Previously my lower back (say no more/spare tire weight band) and shoulders were the source of occasional pain. Now, the center of the back on both sides?

All new, cool stuff.

So it was, dark outside early today, that I set about my first Intervals Plus routine. My body was ready for the usual Tuesday P90X Plyometrics wringer with medium sweat, but today... the Intervals MACHINE with 3 X the sweat -- too cool. Made it all the way until I was a quivering wet mess at the end. Shorter, yes, in time -- but more intense, more fun, great new way to do everything at 1/2 speed for 20 seconds, then 75% speed for 10 seconds, then 100% for the last... 10... awesome... seconds... GAH!

I've already added a small glass of recovery drink to my workouts -- I can see why the group on the tube do the same. And Tracy, girl... would it kill you to sweat? Ask Lisa, she figured it out in Power 90. Testify.

So new pain, new gains, and I'm anxious to see my new photos, side by side, for Day 0 [post-Power 90], Day 90 [post-P90X], and new Day 180 [post-P90X+] coming in June. Here's the current set for the first two phases.

Have a rockin' Tuesday!

Monday, April 21, 2008

How to Replicate my Success

(Above = the end of P90X round one in April 2008 -- moved into Round FIVE near the end of 2008, more on all that in other blog posts. As 2010 began, was working into my fourth full year using Beachbody workouts, and a hybrid of P90X and Insanity. Latest news and posts here.)

I've been asked by a few folks to quickly write out how I went from a 231 pound, largely inactive office worker to a 183 pound active dad who loves to workout and hit the trails with his bike.

Here goes. The whole story, top to bottom. Then more about today's workout. Time machine, here I come!

You have to start somewhere... Let's do it!
Ready to get in shape, with my help? I can be your coach, help you via email/online, and get you started on the right foot. First, sign up here to get me as your free coach. Next, click SHOP here to get your copy of Power 90 (beginners) or P90X (intermediate and above). (NBA stars, singers like Cheryl Crow and Pink, and folks like you and I are doing it! Here's Tony Horton talking about P90X.) Bolster your food plan by tracking your calories with (guys, 2,500 cals a day, gals 1,800), and consider drinking a Shakeology shake in place of lunch -- it's like going to the salad bar with five plates. If you're already a P90X user, take the next step and be a coach with my help. Keep pushing play, bring it, A+ P90X review!

Can I be honest? Sure I can... Honestly, I did Power 90 throughout the entire year of 2007. It wasn't a great way to get in shape fast, but it worked out.

Why did I start? I was staring down at the scale, seeing 230, and realizing that something had to be done. My 20th class reunion was two years away (coming up on October '08), and my son was a wonderful five. He was and is an active little guy, and I couldn't keep up.

On top of that, my doctor was a little miffed, seeing my weight move up steadily from 203 to 213 over a year, then up to near 230 in another year. I was putting on the pounds, not bothering to do any kind of workout or activity, and I was entering a second year of taking a statin for my cholesterol. The drug worked great, brought it down to a great number, but...

I hate taking drugs of any kind. So it was time to work on my weight AND see what doing a real workout routine for a long time would do for my cholesterol numbers. It was the only way to really see what would happen.

So part vanity and part reality check on my health and getting myself off the darn Zocor.

STARTING: I recommend that anyone who's overweight and wants to do something to get started to pick up the Power 90 DVDs right now and make a commitment to doing them five days a week. Tony Horton is your trainer, he's fun to watch and workout with, and you'll have a blast.

It's the Nike ad -- Just Do It. You'll want to get the full set of 1-2 and 3-4 Power 90 workouts, and get some weight bands or free weights. A set of 5, 10, 20, and 30 pound free weights work wonders. For the Power 90 discs, visit Tony's site at and order everything from them.

I did Power 90 level 1-2 for five days a week for two months. That was too long. Only do 1-2 for 30 days. Then, forget your ego, say you CAN DO IT, and move to level 3-4 for the final 60 days. Stick to the program and bring it!

While you're doing it, I recommend following the diet guide that comes with Power 90. I did not follow it, and I paid the price.

I didn't get the best results I could have, and I only have myself to blame. I like to say that any exercise program is 80% diet and 20% working out. It's true. What you put into your mouth = the results you'll get. So don't scrimp, buckle down and learn from the guide and follow it and you'll see amazing results.

In my case, I did Power 90 level 1-2 from Jan. - Feb. 2007, then level 3-4 for 10 months straight. Bad idea again -- because of this, I'm the world expert on the word plateau, which is defined as "a relatively stable level, period, or condition."

My body lost 30 pounds over the course of that year, and stabilized into a still-big all-weather Dunlop (over my belt) spare tire around my middle. A condition I couldn't shake. ;)

As 2007 came to a close, I liked my results. I was down to 201, and my cholesterol was down from 234 to 187. No more need for statins, and my doctor was smiling all the way from the scale to the examination room. Great year Tim, now... do more.

One final note as you get started. After a few weeks, take stock. Have some energy left over? Want to do a little more but not go over the edge? Turn your one hour lunch break into time for a light extra workout. Eat the first 15 minutes, then walk for the last 40 minutes.

I started walking around my neighborhood at lunch, and was able to work in a little over two miles of walking daily for 40 mins. Ask your doctor -- if you would just walk that much everyday, you'd maintain your current weight and even lose a little. So if you can do both, you'll super charge your results, and it really helps get your heart and lungs in great shape fast.

STEP TWO: So as 2008 approached, I saw Tony's new ads on TV for P90X (order here) -- basically, Power 90 Xtreme. Perfect.

My Mom (bless her!) made sure my stocking was properly stuffed. I decided to start P90X six days a week right after the holidays. I did the program from Jan. 1 to April 1, 2008.

The program -- workouts and, this time, following the Fat Ripper I diet to a T for nearly all of the 90 days -- helped me break through that plateau. I'm down to 183, and just moving into Round 2 of P90X.

You can see more (my fat self at Day 0 in Janurary!) and read more about the real results after 90 days/my first P90X round here. The numbers speak for themselves, and I have a totally new outlook on food and nutrition that won't wear off after a few days or weeks.

The eating guide helps you choose the right foods and eat 5 small meals a day... for life.

But honestly, after 90 days of P90X, again I felt my nose pressing against a wall. The routines are awesome and hard, but I know I need to get seriously busy to clean up what's left of my spare tire.

So, as the weather warmed up, I got my mountain bike in top shape and started riding down the road to our greenway/American Tobacco Trail. I've been hitting that for approx. 10 miles M-F for several weeks, and it's fun and burns a ton of calories. I'm challenging myself to stay in high gears, make it tough, for most of the ride, and I feel a crazy extra burn in my legs. All good.

CURRENT ROUND: So for this round, I've got some new free weights (35 pounders), am working into a new eating routine (adding more food/carbs to keep my blood sugar high), and am totally blessed to have my P90X+ workouts and all the necessary equipment to move into this next zone in a huge way.

Thanks for your crazy great support!

Round 2 Week 3 P90X+
Monday: P90X+ Upper Plus w/ Abs Core + & 10 mi. Bike

Which brings me to today -- Day one really of P90X+, the Upper Plus workout with the new Ab routine at the end.


The workout is shorter, harder, and crazy-intense -- as if it could be any more crazy than P90X right? Well, it 'tis!

When the description says "after this one, you won't be able to pick up a ping pong paddle for a couple hours" they are only embellishing a LITTLE. My midsection was tired, when I reached out to pick up my glass of recovery drink, it was shaking and like moving it through mud.

I had three times the energy I've ever had post-workout of any routine, and I can't get off cloud nine! Am I hooked on endorphins? Maybe. I hope so. ;)

The new Ab routine is crazy loaded with new moves. Just when I was sure I had all the moves nailed and really hated ;) the Ab Ripper X routine, this comes along and makes it awesome fun to work on the abs again.

Banner day, P90X+ in the house!

Have any questions about my workouts/what I've been doing? Don't be shy. Email me at timothymclain at -- of course, swap the at with @ -- and I'll get right back to you. I'm also on FaceBook, Twitter, and on AOL IM as Netpower555.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Round 2 Week 2 P90X

Friday: P90X Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X & 10 mi. Bike
Saturday: P90X Kenpo X
Sunday: P90X X-Stretch
Monday... Starting P90X+ Routines (Yikes!)

So Tony, how do you get legs like that? How do you get a back like that? "I do both on the same day!" Woah, who knew? ;)

Rockin' my favorite moves in this routine -- the leg squats. Back to the wall, down into a chair pose, knees over ankle, hold for 15 seconds, then up, then down again... Then a few minutes later, back again, this time -- lifting the right leg high in front, above the left leg's level... then the same on the left side.

MONEY. BOOTY. All that!

Going up to 83 today, can't wait for my lunchtime romp on the Tobacco trial... nice.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Round 2 Week 2 P90X

Thursday: P90X Yoga X + 10 mi. Bike




Breathe in, breathe out.

Solid legs, straight back, holding the poses, working the lower half, stretching... it's all Yoga, and it's all good.

Here's to a busy Thursday, anticipating some great news about my work at ProQuest today. ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Round 2 Week 2 P90X

Wednesday: P90X Shoulders & Arms + Ab Ripper X & 10 mi. Bike

Nothing like focusing on the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and the whole upper body in this workout. Feels great to finally have some serious dumbells to hit many of the moves right -- especially the tricep extensions laying on the floor. Sweet tricep burn in the house.

Then it was into Ab Ripper X for every move, really getting the gut into the mix, and feel the core screamin' in lovely dull pain. Finally noticing some movement of the remaining spare tire when I look in the mirror, sides continuing to cave in, and the center being reduced a bit.

Read over the P90X+ booklet last night -- I think I'll move into the + routines starting next week. Oooohh yeah!

The recovery drink really helps bring my body back into balance after all that work. It tastes great, is easy to get down, and you can almost feel it spread to the muscles. I totally reccomend it to everyone -- along with their bars. The price is reasonable compared to those you see in the store, and they have more protein -- win-win.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Round 2 Week 2 P90X

Tuesday: P90X Plyometrics + 12 mi. Bike

Jump training for the win folks... lots of movin' and groovin' early in the morn, then out for a brisk 68 degree bike ride up and down the trails for a lil' over 12 miles. When I got 1/2 way, was pleased to see Wes waiting for me up Wimberly way -- nice ride pal! delivered my new P90X + DVDs and all the rest... Need some time to read the literature and see how to fit this into my routine. Good stuff!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Round 2 Week 2 P90X

Monday: Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X

"Targeted strength and definition workout emphasizes two classic upper-body exercises." Yes, indeed. Tons of pushups, more than 100 pull-ups, and lots of other tasty treats in between.

The whole time Sammy sits on the kitchen table, her illegally-given small glass of fresh water from the front of the fridge (her fav) sitting between her paws, and stares at me while I pump out my pull-ups in the pantry doorway.

She doesn't move an inch -- and her eyes look like they're recording my every move. I know she can tell if I cheat. Or can she? Never a clue either way. But she's there for the hour, and doesn't move an inch.

Sammy? Heck, he'll crash any move I make back in front of the tube. Especially during those long Yoga X postures. In a trance/breathing/holding that crazy position? Good. MEOW! Right under you, rub your heels, look up, beg for some petting.

Yea, hi Deli -- thanks!

Had an awesome time last night at the Durham Bulls game. Cheap-ish tickets, good seats, some yummy Burritos/Tacos, some cotton candy and peanuts, and a 2-0 win over Wilkes Barre. Take THAT PA. And while you're at it, stop following me, OK? Everywhere we go down here in NC -- it's Yuengling (Pottsville, PA) on tap, Wilkes Barre at the ballpark, Berks ring bologna in the BJ's Wholesale Club, Turkey Hill Ice Cream and tea in the cold cases at the Win Dixie, and on and on.

I mean really... PA. Born there, been there, did that... ;)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Round 2 Week 1
P90X & Biking on American Tobacco Trail

Mon: Chest & Back w/ Ab Ripper X + Bike (10 mi. w/YDB's*)
Tue: Plyometrics + Bike (10 mi. w/FSB**)
Wed: Shoulders & Arms w/ Ab Ripper X + Bike (10 mi. w/Wes*** ;)
Thu: Yoga X + Mow Lawn Zen-Style? ;)
Fri: Legs & Back + Bike (10 mi.)****
Sat.: Kenpo X w/Ab Ripper X*****
Sun.: X Stretch

* YDB's = Yellow Dropped Buds -- vines w/yellow flowers all dropped, carpeting big patches of the path, like riding on yellow rose petals. ;)
** FSB = First Swallowed Bug -- tons of what looked like baby dragonflys on the path.
*** Wes = My new blogger/FaceBook riding pal, met @ Wimberly Rd. -- he graduated in '88, works from home in a tech position, does P90X, great synergies! ;)
**** Headed out last night and picked up an awesome seat for the ol' Specialized mountain bike, had to sit on a powder-filled device to measure the width of my... keister. Was between yellow/blue, so went with the larger (154mm) saddle -- will let you know how it fairs today. Getting up to 80 today... sunscreen, where are you??
***** Recovered from my Friday night fun (water + aspirin = relief!) on Sat. and Deb/Will headed to a birthday party in the mid afternoon. Perfect time to do a first-ever P90X afternoon workout, tacked on the Ab Ripper I missed on Friday.

Highlight of the Week: GOOOOAALLLLLL!
Saturday was Will's first soccer game of his second season in the Apex league. He was in the 4-5 year old group last year, now he's moved up to the 6's. He was leading the charge, and got his first goal right at the end of the game to win it 3-2! He was so thrilled he ran from the goal back to the other side of the field, high-5'd every team mate, then hugged our goalie. Then he realized the next play started and he charged back to mid field! Too cool! Proud poppa right here, let me tell you...

P90X+ Coming Soon...
Totally pumped -- have the new P90X workouts, and some supplies plus push-up bars and more coming my way from Give these guys your business when you're ready to bring it and transform your body with P90X or P90X+ or... well, anything made by the amazing folks over at BeachBody.

ATT Ride Map
Here's a mini-map of my daily ride route from my circle house at the bottom, to the American Tobacco Trail, then reverse it -- just over 10 miles in about 45 minutes. Great stuff -- now for a more comfy seat...

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tim McLain P90X Photos Before and After Day One Day 90 Tony Horton

P90X Review | Day 1-90 Finish Photos & Fit Rest Results

Can't believe it's already over... round one of P90X -- 90 solid days of eating right, following Fat Ripper I most of the way, along with the classic routine, with some walking and now biking thrown in for 45 mins. each day during my lunch break.

The results? See for yo-self... <-- FaceBook album linky, all poses -- I'm stoked, and ready to hit round two on Monday. Still considering which routine to follow the second time around. Lean? Classic again? DOUBLES?

Here are my P90X Fit Test results from Day 0 and Day 90:

Before/After Body Measurements

Body Fat Day 0: 24% 90: 16%

Weight: 204 183
Chest: 43" 39"
Waist Day: 40" 34.5"
Hips Day: 42" 39"
Right Thigh: 22" 22"
Left Thigh: 21.5 " 23"
Right Arm: 14" 15"
Left Arm: 14" 14.5"

Resting Heart Rate
Day 0: 73
Day 90: 68

Warm-Up (10 mins. Plyo Warm-Up) Heart Rate After
Day 0: 109
Day 90: 91

Day 0: 2
Day 90: 11

Vertical Leap
Day 0: 87/96 -- 9" Total Leap
Day 90: 87/101 -- 14" Total Leap

Day 0: 21
Day 90: 36

Toe Touch
Day 0: -2.75" (fingertips to toes legs extended sitting)
Day 90: +0.50" (cleared them!)

Wall Squat
Day 0: 1:23 @ 201 wt.
Day 90: 2:42 @ 183 wt.

Bicep Curls
Day 0: 5 @ 35 lbs.
Day 90: 22 @ 35 lbs.

Ins & Outs
Day 0: 32
Day 90: 81

Heart Rate Maximizer
2-mins max jumping jacks, record heart rate...
Day 0: 163 103 (1 min) 97 (2 min) 90 (3 min) 88 (4 min)
Day 90: 155 92 (1 min) 83 (2 min) 88 (3 min) 86 (4 min)

Interesting to see what we'll have at Day 180... Bring it!
And to celebrate, Deb gave me part of the morning to head down to the American Tobacco Trail, which was uber-wet post-many days of rain, and hit more than 20 miles of trail fill-tilt on the ol' mountain bike. Here's the muddy results:

Tim McLain hits 20 miles of the American Tobacco Trail in North Carolina to celebrate his P90X finish

P90X: Take Action!
Jimmy Hays Nelson is a Beachbody Coach. He's done P90X and worked with Tony Horton, the inventor and host of the workouts. Let Jimmy inspire you like he's inspired me! (2006 vs. 2009 photo P90X review proof.) Buy your copy of the P90X DVDs, then sign up (free!) to get Jimmy as your personal BB Coach. Bolster your food plan by tracking your calories with (guys, 2,000 cals a day), and consider adding Shakeology to your daily food intake -- it's like going to the salad bar with five plates. If you're already a P90X user, take the next step and be a coach with Jimmy's help. Keep pushing play, bring it, A+ P90X review!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Thu., April 3 Workouts

Cracked on the morning news post workout this morning and... ack. Hillary Clinton ads. LONG ads -- her cracked, bug-eyes saying something about how she cares about North Carolina and our issues. Right. As if she'd care at all if she'd had the nomination locked up by now? Between all the lieing and her embellishments, I can't bring myself to do much more than wish her the best after Obama gets his nod and we elect our first African American president in the Fall. Good times.

* Moment of silence for Martin Luther King, Jr., assassinated today 40 years ago in Memphis *

Looks like gray skies and rain today/tomorrow -- ahh well. Our drought is resolved, the trees/plants are in hog heaven, and I can't wait for the blue skies to return.

Enjoy your Friday and the weekend! Will have 90 day photos live over the weekend as I finish up Week 12/recovery.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thu., April 3 Workouts

P90X XStretch & Bike?

Rain incoming, and over the hump into the end of Week 12... bring it! Hoping to dodge some raindrops and hit the Tobacco Trail over lunch again today, and looking forward to taking my results photos in a few days.

P90X round one? Nearly done. Round two, coming right up...

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wed., April 2 Workouts

P90X Kenpo X & Bike

Don't get me wrong, I like Kenpo. It's cardio + karate -- sweaty punching and kicking. But... it's probably the second toughest workout in terms of FORM. Plyometrics can really mess up your legs/joints if you don't land properly and pay attention to what you're doing. Kenpo, same deal, only it's all about the joints. You're extending your arms and legs wayyy out and snapping them back. It only takes a few popped joints at maximum extension to ruin your recovery and a few days after.

That's one reason I shelved this routine about 1/2 way into the 12 weeks. I didn't think I was getting enough of a "burn" from the cardio side of the workout, and my legs and arms hurt a day after popping through this thing. That's not to say I wasn't focusing on form -- I was. Still, I felt like I was hurting myself.

So, back on the treadmill today. And, well, I forgot how much fun this workout is -- this is as close to Bruce Lee as I'll ever be. ;) And I dialed back the moves to keep the form close and supple. We'll see tomorrow.

Back on the bike over lunch today, a little colder today than last, down to 60ish, but the sun is shining bright. Down here in NC, it doesn't matter if it's 45 or 50 -- so long as the sun is coming down through that amazingly unique Carolina blue sky, it feels much, much warmer.

I really brought it to the ride over lunch yesterday -- pumping out the miles, keeping my upper body loose and switching arms on the handlebars to reduce the impact on my shoulders and back. Sweet, sweet workout of the legs for 40-50 minutes straight, perfect breathing, the old Tim/wheezing and coughing LONG LONG in the past.

Loving the recovery week! Pictures of the Day 0 to 90 transformation coming in a few days.

It'll be worth the wait. Trust me.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tue., April 1 Workouts

P90X Core Synergistics + Bike Ride

This is a pretty great workout... Lots of centering on the, well, center of the body. Some crazy push up setups, lots of side/tummy-focused moves, and all the rest. Broke a pretty nice sweat, brought all the moves, and ended up feeling great on the other side.

Plenty of rain down Carolina way the last few days, my walk/bike ride was washed up yesterday to pouring rain. Today, forecasting more of the same. I have to say, though -- going with Yoga X and no lunch movement = too much left-over energy bringing me down! I'm planning to head out no matter what today, my body is itchin' to be worked big time.

April Fool's Day has arrived... some days I'm extra-glad to be a stay at home professional. ;)

Lunch Update:

Woah -- break in the clouds, put on a new sleeve-less workout shirt, and head for the ATT down the road. BLAM turn left this time, 1.5 miles to the other trail head/turn around, 2.5 miles back the way I came and past 64 and beyond, turn around, home -- nearly 6 miles in under an hour, keeping the gear at the perfect workout setting to keep the muscles pumping while covering maximum ground at a VERY healthy speed.

Ran over a VERY yellow snake -- was 100% zoned out to Radiohead when I looked down just in time to ride across a perfectly coiled bright yellow fellow, about 22-30 inches long, pretty thick.


Look out, Tim is mean and crazy and in the ZONE!