Monday, August 28, 2006

Generate Your Own Wind Power

The Chispito Wind Generator was designed to be simple and efficient with fast and easy construction. There are no limits to what you can do with wind power. There is nothing more rewarding and empowering than making a wind powered generator from scrap materials. Most of the tools and materials in this manual can be found in your local hardware shop or junk pile.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Schoolhouse Rock 2006

Ten Things College Grads SHOULD Be Taught

"I’m on the campus of UCSB this week at family camp, and it's inspired me to blog about what students should learn in order to prepare for the real world after graduation. This is an opportune time to broach this subject because the school year is about to begin, and careers can still be affected." -- Guy Kawasaki
How Pink Floyd May Have Saved NASA

Peter Clifton was sitting watching television when he saw NASA was searching for original Apollo 11 footage. He had forgotten that in 1979 he ordered footage from The Smithsonian for use in The Dark Side of The Moon demo film. He had all but forgotten a pristine 16-millimetre film of the moon landing was part of his vast personal film catalogue.
Reason #981,132 Never to Smoke Cigarettes

Cigarette smoke can turn normal breast cells cancerous by blocking their ability to repair themselves, eventually triggering tumor development, University of Florida scientists report. While some cells nonetheless rally and are able to fix their damaged DNA, many others become unable to access their own cellular first aid kit, according to findings from a UF study published today (Aug. 21) in the journal Oncogene. If they survive long enough to divide and multiply, they pass along their mutations, acquiring malignant properties.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

Lumos 2006 Videos on YouTube
Fan-made vids for fan-made Harry Potter con!
Long live the Minister of Magic and HPEF!

Hard to believe, but after more than two years of planning, Deb and her HPEF team's Lumos 2006 conference came and went last week in Las Vegas. And as a guy who's been involved with the planning of quite a few conferences in his past, I can say this: It was a joy to attend and work the con, folks. Professional, fun, informative, and nearly 100% free of issues.

More than 1,200 Harry Potter adult fans came to Vegas, saw, drank, dressed up, played water quidditch, wizard's chess, ate in the great hall(s), attended classes taught by BNF (big name fans), professors, and newcomers to the field -- and had an amazing time. The concert featuring Harry and the Potters and Draco and the Malfoy's were insanely fun as well.

Missed it? Check out my images here, and everyone's on Flickr, and be sure to give Deb and call and say "Job well done!" Here's some new videos as well:

Draco & The Malfoys: I Want From Voldemort

Draco & The Malfoys: About Voldemort

Your Dad is RICH/DEAD: Draco & The Malfoys

Lumos Gone Wild

Harry Potter Sucks @ Potions:
Draco & The Malfoys

Draco & The Malfoys: BEER + Dumbledore

The final clip includes Debbie's winning song: "Let's Drink to Aragog" -- fast forward to 3:40 to hear it!

Harry And The Potters: Long Set!