Saturday, January 01, 2011

Get real in 2011: Does can't mean won't?

Think for a moment about what you say, out loud and in your head, what you can't do.

And to undo the contraction, let's be real: you're saying can not.

"I can not get organized. I can not improve at work/home. I can not exercise."

Take it another step. When you say can't, don't you really mean won't? Undoing the easy squeeze of this powerful word: will not.

"I will not workout. I will not get in shape. I will not do push ups. I will not do pull ups."

Painful, isn't it? Saying you can't do something is an easy cop out you can live with. I know I can. But rephrasing, a small first step you might take today, to saying won't instead, is much more truthful.

Saying will not means we don't have the will, the power, to so something important.

For years I said I "can't" workout. My family history showed that high cholesterol caused my grandmother to have an early heart attack, reduced quality of life in a home, then an early grave. (I miss you, grandma.)

It sent my father to a Richmond hospital for an early quadruple bypass.

My response to these realities: "I can't beat this. It's genetic. I'll be on a statin, Zocor or Lipitor, for the rest of my life. Taking these pills for a few months got my bad cholesterol down to 160-170 with no work on my part at all, other than insert and swallow. And I hope it doesn't shred my muscles or cause side effects. And as for my weight, that's genetic, too. I can't workout. It will make zero difference. Look at the examples in my life."

Ask my friends David and Kim. They heard me say this many times. Out loud. Here's how I looked. Then. (Pre-2007.)

It took an internal shift in thinking from "can't" to "will" to shake off these self-imposed chains. I was tired of giving the drug companies my money for an artificial, easy cure, and looking in the mirror/photos and seeing a fat man.

"I will truly adhere to a full workout routine in 2007 as a New Year's resolution. It's a new year; now is the time. I will see if this workout, Power 90, coupled with better eating, will enable me to get off these statin pills and reduce my weight. If, after a full 90 days of doing this for REAL, nothing happens, then the genes and Zocor Lipitor folks win and I'll live with everything as best as I can."

Guess what? It was tough. (Full background story and how I got started here.) Turning these can nots into will dos was a struggle. Honestly though, it wasn't nearly as tough as I thought it would be. How many things in your life are you afraid to tackle because you *think* it will be tough?

Sure, sometimes it's even harder than we thought; but again, get real. Many times, it isn't.

Here's how I looked in 2009, and my workouts continue, and will, for a lifetime:

This month, I want you to look at your life and turn one easy "can not" into a "will do." Next month, add something else.

Let me help motivate you to get your fitness life in order in 2011 and beyond. I want to help you (here) to slowly, gradually, change your mind about what you can not do in your home to get in shape.

The Beachbody workouts -- first Power 90 then P90X and beyond to some tougher routines -- have done wonders for me. And changing how I eat has become a habit, for the better.

It's the start of a fifth amazing year with a will do, can do attitude when it comes to working out and eating right. It's a habit, one I will adhere to. Forever. I will. I will take it day by day. And I hope you will, too.

Take the power. Grab it, run with it, and feel better. Healthy. Energetic. Let me help. And keep in touch.

Rock your week friends and visitors. I've got your back.

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Erin B said...

Yesterday I told Matt "I'm at my peak pregnancy weight". That was tough. I'm taking the rest of this month to adjust my work schedule (it has me working crazy hours), replace iced tea with water and injecting better food into my diet, and stretching each day to start at the gym Feb. 1. I get a free month there with a trade. The plan is to hop on the bike, get back on the machines I was on for the past two years, and then take the boys to the pool to cool off. This was my MWF plan and the boys love the gym.

I'll keep you posted on this, and continue to work towards in-home workouts, I'm just concerned in our small house it will mean working around the kids both literally and figuratively!

Matt has a Planet Fitness membership, it's another option we're considering as well.

TMC said...

Excellent first steps Erin -- I know you can do this. It's amazing when kids do when they see their parents working out/eating better -- William begs me to wake him up early to workout with me (I don't, the kid needs his sleep!) and has taken my food swaps to heart. When we go to McD's, rarely, he orders a salad. A second grader, ordering a salad. And he's 100% against/won't eat fries. He's listening; I have to tell HIM to back off from time to time!

I'd love to send you some basic info about the Beachbody programs sometime. In home, inexpensive, and so darn impactful. :)