Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lightweight eReader for comic book files goes the distance

Platform: Android

RATING: 5 out of 5


View comics and manga files on your phone, anywhere, anytime.

Readability can be sketchy on your Android phone. A tablet-sized device (Galaxy Tab) makes things easier on the eyes.

A built-in link to the Marketplace makes it easy to download hundreds of free and inexpensive books.

Perfect Viewer
Vintage Comic Droid
jjComics Viewer

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Comic book fans will do just about anything to take their favorite titles with them on the road. Droid Comic Viewer (also known as ACV) offers a light, barebones app that does exactly what its name implies: Users can load comics, manga, and image files directly into folders on the root directory of their phone’s SD card and view them on-screen.

Diehard readers will no doubt already have dozens of CBZ/ZIP, ACV, CBR/RAR, JPEG, PNG and BMP files at the ready, which the app handles natively. Just load ‘em up, launch the app, and away you go.

With simple touchscreen reading and zooming controls, the ability to swap to left-to-right and right-to-left (manga) reading direction, more than a dozen custom control tweaks available, and auto-bookmarking, it’s no wonder than more than 250,000 Android users have downloaded this popular app.

If you’re on the hunt for fresh content, the app provides a direct link to the Marketplace, auto-displaying a long list of supported content files from Robot Comics, most of which are available free of charge or $.99 each. Just tap an entry, download it to your phone, and the app does the rest.
The icing on the cake: Sharing. With one click the app allows you to share the current screen with all major social media outlets, email, and more.

Be sure to conduct some Google searches for your favorite comics and include CBZ/ZIP, ACV, and CBR/RAR in your search terms. The Net is home to dozens of message boards and other sites that allow you to download back issues directly to your computer. Moving them onto your phone is a snap using the included USB cable. Enjoy!

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