Saturday, January 02, 2010

Tim's X-­1-­sane 30 Week Hybrid Calendar
Mingling BeachBody Workouts = WIN

Click to enlarge or print. My take (order your DVDs/workouts here/click SHOP), after 7 rounds of P90X, two P90X+'s, one Insanity, a mix of One on One with Tony Horton's discs, etc. on combining all of these workouts into a 32ish week regime.

Want to know what Tony and crew would do to combine programs? Here's an issue of their P90X newsletter with similar insights.

Running Mon., Nov. 30 through... April? Then repeating. Week 1 was darn intense, all 7 days with something... onward! Into Week 4-5 with renewed energy in the new year to BRING IT. Join me!

Biggest change? In Week 11-12, I've decided to swap lunch for a Shakeology shake. Tastes great, has amazing nutrition, and will help me on my quest for dropping my remaining spare tire.

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You have to start somewhere... Let's do it!
Ready to get in shape, with my help? I can be your coach, help you via email/online, and get you started on the right foot. First, sign up here to get me as your free coach. Next, click SHOP here to get your copy of Power 90 (beginners) or P90X (intermediate and above). (NBA stars, singers like Cheryl Crow and Pink, and folks like you and I are doing it! Here's Tony Horton talking about P90X.) Bolster your food plan by tracking your calories with (guys, 2,500 cals a day, gals 1,800), and consider drinking a Shakeology shake in place of lunch -- it's like going to the salad bar with five plates. If you're already a P90X user, take the next step and be a coach with my help. Keep pushing play, bring it, A+ P90X review!

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