Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make ‘em all! Alchemy Genetics gives you the power of creation!

Platform: Android

4 out of 5


A fun brain puzzle game for kids and adult alike. How many animals can you combine into fun, original creatures?

Closing the app and reopening can result in lost data of your past progress. Lacking a soundtrack.

Who knew that combining a lizard and horned turtle makes… an alien?!


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Brain puzzle fans, head over to the Marketplace right now and grab a copy of Alchemy ~ Genetics. Instead of combining the elements of the earth to create things (as in its insanely-addictive cousin Alchemy), this new app allows you to mix animals and their genes, and creating new breeds is a s simple as adding a trait of one creature with another.

Once the game loads, you’ll be introduced to the concept through a series of questions. For instance: “What animal will you get when you combine a horse with something stripy?” Your choices are a set of four animal icons, some familiar (swan?) others, not so much. In this case, the correct answer is a Zebra. (Get it? Horse + bee (striated) = Zebra.)

Once 10-12 questions go by, you’re presented with a wide-open interface, allowing you to drag and drop animals on top each other to see what results.

As you progress through all 200+ variants, you’ll see a counter in the upper right-hand corner charting your path. As you discover new animals, you’ll walk yourself down from 256 to… 0. Can you make ‘em all?

This is a serious time killer the next time you and your kids are trapped in an airport. Delayed? No problem. Let’s make a Chupacabra, Lizard monitor, or an eagle.

The latest update added visible genes on each animal information screen, making the puzzles a bit easier to solve when you get down below 100. Trust me, coming up with fresh combinations as you work your way downwards is… a worthwhile challenge!

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