Friday, January 21, 2011

You’ve got a golden ticket to the ultimate Candy Farms, ever!

Platform: Android

RATING: 3 out of 5


Sure, we all like to eat candy. This combination puzzle and line drawing app puts you on the production line. Can you ship the candy on time?

Difficulty ramps up significantly, taking the app from pretty fun to crazy-hard in a short period of time.

Stuck? Post a picture of your screen to Facebook or Twitter and plead for help. (Wimp.)

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Let’s face it, Charlie and Chocolate Factory has ruined two generations of Americans. I say ruined, because let’s face it: None of us are ever going to get our grubby hands on a golden ticket, which would let us tour a creepy British candy manufacturer and let us drink from a chocolate river.

Thankfully, Candy Farm lets us hop on a series of virtual candy assembly lines to help an unseen Willy Wonka-like boss ship an unlimited supply of sugary treats from points all over the United States and Britain.

The game takes pre-diabetic users from factory to factory, each ramping up the difficulty of its casual puzzle and line drawing game mechanic.
The goal is simple: Get each candy from the wrapper to its specified gift box, which has the same color as the candy throughout your drawing ribbon. (So red to red and green to green, right?) Just trace a colored line from point to point to complete each puzzle.

Easy, right? In the early levels, sure. But the game quickly falls of the cliffs of insanity within a few levels, offering up nearly unsolvable puzzles that anyone crashing down from a sugar high will find… rough. The real trick comes in drawing corners. You’ll need to drag your finger in one side and out another, forming a turn. (Yikes!)

Once you get stuck (and you will) you can use the built-in “call for help” function, which lets you share the problem with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Hey, it’s not cheating! (Much.)

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