Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kongregate Arcade returns to the Android Marketplace with 300+ free Flash games and counting

5 out of 5


Android phones love Flash, and no other app delivers Flash gaming goodness to Droid owners better than Kongregate Arcade.

The iPhone and all other iOS devices don’t support Flash, so they’re left out of this party. That’s a real bummer, for Apple fans.

Sure you can play these games at through any Web browser. But why when you can unlock mobile-only badges, high scores, ratings, comments, and even offline play, all through your Droid?

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On a recent Friday night I headed over to, a super-popular Flash gaming destination boasting thousands of free games powered by Adobe’s popular authoring tool. With more than 34,000 users logged in with access to nearly 38,000 free games, the place was jumping. (Returning for a glimpse of these stats on a Tuesday afternoon, I was unsurprised to see more than 20,000 people playing along. At 2 p.m., on a school/work day. Slackers!)

As you know, our Droid phones are Flash-friendly. But until now, accessing Flash games through our phone browsers was difficult at best. Enter Kongregate Arcade. More than 300 of the best games from Kongregate’s massive collection can be found inside this gem, with the added secret sauce of being able to login to your existing user account to share and rate each title.

Droid owners can instantly unlock mobile-only badges, high scores, ratings, comments, and even play the games offline. This magic is possible due to the app’s seamless ability to store the Flash files on your device, and play them back inside your Android web browser, which is working seamlessly in the background.

The real impact of this app is this: If you’re looking for a massive collection of free games to play anywhere, anytime on your phone, there’s no better app than Kongregate Arcade. With 300 games in more than dozen genre’s to choose from, you’ll be shooting, running, strafing, puzzling, strategizing, and attacking these titles with gusto for many moons to come.

Don’t miss Vector Runner (think Battlezone), G-Switch, and Screw the Nut. And if you happen upon a less than stellar offering, feel free to rate it as such. In the same way, be sure to rate your favorite’s highly so they’ll pop up on your personal best-of lists. (Another way to dodge the bad games? Select Staff Favorites from the menu. You’ll be glad you did!)

As if you needed one more reason to install this app: You’ll receive 50 points in your Kongregate web account upon installation. What are you waiting for?

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