Sunday, March 14, 2010

iPhone & Droid w/Google: Evenly Matched...

It's taken time, but Motorola/Google's Droid smart phone matches Apple's iPhone in all the ways that count. And today a Droid can be had for a mere $50. (Already have a Verizon phone? Call them, ask them to match the $50 cost for a single Droid phone, and upgrade today. You won't regret it.)

Best of all, the Droid runs the open Android OS system software, and it's not locked to an app store or Apple which ends up owning all of your apps and ties you to a weaker phone network.

I've set up my Droid in a few hours, and it does everything an iPhone can do, for $0 out of pocket for apps. The most useful are free. I'll post a longer thread about my experience and the apps I've installed soon.

The next few months will be interesting in the iPhone (AT&T) vs. Droid (Verizon) brawl in the marketplace.

Get an inside look at the iPhone vs. Droid situation here.

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