Monday, March 08, 2010

Week 14 | Insanity-P90X-P90X+-One on One-Hybrid Workouts
P90X Chest & Back
My 30-Week Beachbody Hybrid Calendar

Wow, what a way to start Week 14. Chest and back to the extreme. Super light-headed at the end, found it very hard during the last 10-12 minutes, and had to stretch a little then prop myself on the couch to let my pounding head settle down. Side effect of bringing it to the max with lots of reps? Guess so.

Off to the American Tobacco Trail over lunch with my biking bud, Wes, with temps in the upper 60's. Spring is nearly here, 60's all week, and ready to enjoy my tax dollars at work here in Wake and Chatham Counties for sure. Mountain bike all spruced up, fresh air in the tires. So good.

So a side link: Should you fast? And what's safe? Beachbody has the answers. Read this before you go nuts with a cleanse OR skip a recovery week in your P90X or Insanity workouts.

Business tip for the day from Business Week (article source):

If you insist on doing something new, take this advice: Start with the important problems your customers, or your competitors' customers, have and try to solve them. If conventional approaches fail, you'll be forced to invent and be creative as a side effect of your goal. If you ask the creators of so-called breakthrough ideas, this is a common reason they found those breakthroughs in the first place. Their ambition wasn't to be called an innovator. They weren't planning to be disruptive or game changing. They merely had a tough problem to solve on their way to beating the competition in the forgotten practice of simply making better things.

Making better things is difficult enough. Learn to do that well, and when you're done, and your customers and stockholders love you, the label "innovator" will magically land next to your name.

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