Saturday, October 30, 2010

Word Drop

Platform: Android

5 out of 5


A charming little game that will delight users ranging from kids (think word searches) to adults (including hardcore crosswords fans.)

Contains advertising, and occasionally will “ding” you for a word that clearly exists in the dictionary. (Though this only happened for me once.)

You can find words hidden in the blocks using any gesture to combine letters into a word, including left/right, right/left, up/down, down/up, and even zig-zagged.

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Ben Garrett’s free Word Drop game combines a little bit of Boggle, a dash of Scrabble, and tosses in a touch of Bejeweled for good measure. It’s all adds up to a time-killer game that will challenge you to find words to clear each puzzle, with fresh letters dropping down from above.

When you start the game, a wall of faux wood blocks will rain down, filling your screen. It’s now your job to find words hidden amid the chaos. Use any gesture (left to right, up to down, even zig-zags) to connect the letters together into words. Alternately, you can click each letter in turn to link them together into a word.

Correct combinations will result in the blocks being cleared, and new letters will rain down to fill its place. Guess wrong and you’ll simply be told you’re wrong. (So there!)

Along the way you may want to shuffle the letters on your screen, or discard all of them for a fresh set. All the while a timer is running. The longer the words you create and the faster you clear them, the more bonuses will be awarded to both your score and the remaining time.

And when you select a valid four-letter word, a combo multiplier letter block will drop to fill into the void it leaves. Using the combo letter gives a boost to your score and time bonus.

With game modes spanning normal to hard, lightning to hard, and blocker to relax and untimed, there’s never a dull moment to be had when you launch Word Drop!

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