Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brain Cafe | Food Quiz

Platform: Android

4 out of 5


Hungry? Brain Cafe tests your knowledge of local and global cuisine. A must for all epicures!

Forces a large data download that (currently) cannot be moved to your SD card.

Boasting high-quality images and challenging questions, you’ll be hungry to learn more about all types of foods in dozens of countries around the globe!

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I’m partial to food. It can be colorful and visually appealing, while at the same time firing up our taste buds and satisfying our hunger all at the same time. Now you can pair your love of good eats with a challenging set of global quizzes to test your knowledge of all things foodie.

The interface is easy to navigate, and the images of everything from bread to veges and everything in between is a treat for your senses.

After nailing a tough set of questions about your favorite region’s offerings, be sure to post your results to Twitter or Facebook to amaze (and hunger) your friends no matter where they may roam.

I learn something new every time I fire up this tasty little morsel. The developer’s will (hopefully) soon allow us to move the large data files over to our SD card to lessen its impact on our limited phone memory. Then it’ll be bon appetit!

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