Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ftouch Music Player

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Platform: Android

3 out of 5


Offers a colorful, better-organized MP3 player interface to your Android device.

Offers zero fresh or unique capabilities beyond your phone’s stock music playback app. If you pick up a call while listening to tunes, your caller will be able to hear the track. Bug or feature? You decide.

fTouch is easy on the eyes and well-organized, and worth a look for any serious music lover with a large collection of MP3’s on their DROID.

There’s no shortage of free music players for our DROIDs. Ftouch Music Player enters a crowded field this Fall with clean-looking interface, adding a welcome overlay to your stored MP3 collection that makes it easy to view album art, look up lyrics online, shuffle play or listen to recent tracks, along with sorting tools to find tracks by singers, songs, or albums.

Comparing fTouch to the stock music app on my phone, there’s nothing the newcomer can do that the old one can’t. That said, I do like the color and organization of the fTouch menus. Style points alone warrant an “install and try” recommendation.

One concern is the lack of an auto-pause feature when picking up an incoming call. My caller was able to clearly hear the track I was listening to while my DROID faithfully multitasked both apps. Annoying? Yes. Here’s hoping this gets fixed in a future version.

There’s room for improvement, and with the addition of added features to distinguish itself from other music players, fTouch may one day soon find a welcome home on our crowded devices.

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