Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 12 | Insanity-P90X-P90X+-One on One-Hybrid Workouts
P90X Check and Back Routine
My 30-Week Beachbody Hybrid Calendar

Month 3 of this crazy 33 week hybrid roars to a close/final week with a crazy Monday staple -- the ol' chest & Back workout from P90X. Solid, crazy, push ups, pull ups, and the last 3-4 moves found me nearly out of gas, head spinning a little, and grabbing the corners of furniture to steady myself.

Wow, when you push this one to the limit, it pushes right back.

To cap off the workout post, here's some interesting commentary on "everything in moderation" from Steve Edwards, the guy at BeachBody who tests all of their products:

My dog is 15 years old. He’s outlived the expected age for his breed by 40%. Most “responsible” (their word) dog owners and vets have told me I work him too hard. He’s climbed hundreds of mountains. He’s run multiple marathons. He’s done ultra marathons. Somehow, all this exercise hasn’t killed him but made him stronger. In fact, he still gets out for two miles or so a day and is grouchy when he doesn’t. Sure, he’ll die one day. We all will.

But his life, which has been anything but moderate, is testament to my belief that life should be lived full on, and that everything in moderation is a societal excuse to give up your life it live it as defined by others.

Much going on this week, tons of foster adoption homework to complete for next weekend, Blue and Gold Banquet later next Saturday, and some awesome ProQuest email newsletters to get ready for March.

March... Did I mention that it's certainly getting lighter earlier in the morning, and we had 65 degree weather over the weekend? Also hit the Tobacco Trail with all three bikes yesterday. Ahhhhh yes. Another NC spring is... sprining-ing. So good.

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