Monday, February 22, 2010

Insanity: Day 2 | One guy's report...

This guy wasn't ready for Insanity! -- worth a laugh, and a warning. New to working out? Power 90 for 90 days. Get in pretty good shape. Then P90X. For 90 days. Get in VERY good shape. Then, and only then, consider Insanity... Start here.

I did Insanity (report) for the whole 60 days and a bit more. It's rough, you'll sweat more than you think you ever could, and your cardio capacity will max out. It's so darn great. I went back to my current P90X-Insanity hybrid to bulk up muscle-wise, work more on my abs, but still keep that crazy plyometric stuff in the mix.

Speaking of... experience:

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