Wednesday, July 21, 2010

P90X Shoulders and Arms | Workout
Fitness Blueprint | P90X Round 9 (Get P90X or start with Power 90)
Personal | Weight: 197 (Shakeology Snack Added)
Tracking Calories (iPad App)
Working at my Standup Desk (Why you should, too!)

Take a peek down at your shoulder. What do you see? Not much? A formless muscle?

P90X shoulders and arms can turn that blank canvas into a well-defined landscape painting with valleys, peaks, and bumps, and in very short order.

Don't hide under those XL shirts, people. Follow the links at the top, pick up P90X or Power 90, and get in the game. Everyday you don't work out is a missed opportunity -- forget the rest, don't live in your past or excuses, you CAN do this. Join me!

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