Monday, September 13, 2010

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Came into this morning too excited to sleep -- why? Spent Wed. - Sun. last week avoiding exercise, giving my left heel time to not hurt when I walk (ugh) and my right hip to be less out/sore. I blame the heel on not stretching enough for my monster bike ride from Apex to Durham on the American Tobacco Trail on, irony, Labor Day.

The hip? No clue. This is something that has come and gone since I moved into my second year of working out in 2008 then started working behind my stand up desk for 8-11 hours a day here in my home office. It's like a phantom pain, moves between my left and right hip, literally in the center of my buttocks (yea, I said that) right where I'm guessing my femur meets my pelvis. It's a soreness, causes me to sometimes not be able to walk all that well, and randomly moves between the cheeks.

So, last evening, went to bed with firm resolve -- pain is just weakness leaving the body, right?

So after five long lost days of "healing" it's time to put away the purse and work the ol' bod. Get back into the shape I was in after my second full round of P90X. When pull ups, 12 reps at a time in a row, was easy. When push ups, 25 reps at a go, were also do-able. I was so excited to get back on the horse that I slept terribly, anxious for the 5:25 a.m. alarm. Seriously.

So once I brewed some extra-strong Joe (thanks Peet's) I was barely able to eek out 10 bad form pull ups, without a chair. Yea, for the past few rounds, I convinced myself that I was in "maintenance" mode, so pulling up a chair to make pull ups easier would be OK, right? Not. Use it or lose it -- and I've lost it.

So I tried my best to forget the rest and do my best. I ended up, second round hitting like a bad dream, also ratcheting down my push ups a bit.

Ok, so I'm at the start of another curve. No problem. I'll push play, repeat my mantra in the header of my blog (see top) 10 times each day, and will be back where I was in 90 or 180 days.

It's just time. I've got the drive. I will be successful.

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