Monday, March 28, 2011

P90X Chest & Back | Workout
Fitness Blueprint | Insanity/P90X #10 (Get P90X or start with Power 90)
Personal | Weight: 199 (Shakeology Snack Added)
Tracking Calories (iPad App)
Working at my Stand Up Desk (plans) (Why you should, too!)

Got about 40 minutes into this awesome routine, maxed out a set of pull-ups, and on the last rep kind of screwed up my face and grunted as I crossed the bar... right into an instantly crazy-bad headache.

Clutched my head, drank a ton of water, put on a cold compress, and let it dissipate. Ate into my total output, no ab ripper, but no reason to push it. First time for everything. Still feeling some dull pain, but otherwise it's passed.

Spent the weekend doing some Cub Scout Leader training outdoors in the very cold Spring at Camp Campbell in Virginia, so not a lot of food or water around for that experience. Taking in tons of water and extra calories to get me back on my fitness track today.

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