Friday, March 18, 2011

Can Knockdown 2 brings this carnival classic to your phone

Platform: Android

4 out of 5


“BOOM, CAN-SHOT!” Sporting some of the best graphics I’ve seen in any quick pickup Android game, and super-simple controls, Can Knockdown 2 is a quick thrill that surpasses the original.

Owners of older DROIDs will notice stuttering when the action gets intense. My Droid 1 needed a trio of reboots and a thorough cleaning out (Marketplace and Download caches) before the app would install successfully.

A pair of new timed modes vaults this paid sequel past its first iteration, and even adds explosion effects to your best-aimed shots. Who doesn’t like explosions?

Can Knockdown

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Like most things in life, the “keep it simple, stupid” principal is what separates good from great. Can Knockdown 2 takes the simplest carnival game of all time, renders the experience in rich, satisfying graphics, adds two new timed modes to separate it from its no-cost original version, and will end up being your go-to quick pickup game obsession for many weeks to come.

Pick up a virtual ball and hurl it at the cans. A simple finger-swipe is all it takes to get in the game. Gone are the pushy carnival hustlers trying their best to separate you from your walking around money, and there’s nary a Chinese-made plush toy prize in sight.

Instead, the app turns the game into a satisfying arcade experience, serving up never-ending game fields that ramp up considerably in toughness. Be careful with your aim and limit the number of balls needed to take out the cans, and you’ll be rewarded with bonus points. Get reckless and you’ll quickly find yourself back at the main menu with a fully depleted supply of ordinance. It may take a few tries to master each level, but it’s time well spent.

If you’re a fan of the original, you’ll find the controls to be 100% identical. Aim your shot by swiping in any direction. Swipe quickly, and the ball will match your speed. Don’t miss the two new times modes; the first randomly has cans appearing in your field of view, which can be knocked down or exploded with a perfect hit to their midsection (BOOM CAN-SHOT!), while the second has cans shooting into view from a series of tubes at the bottom of the screen. Some are fast, others are slow, so you’ll need to be on your game.

So as we all look forward to heading out to the midway this Summer, get your hands on Can Knockdown 2 for a little practice anywhere, any time. You’ll need it!

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