Friday, March 11, 2011

Bejeweled 2 offers flawless Android gaming, if you can get it to work

Platform: Android

2 out of 5


If matching sparkling gems to make them explode in a colorful shower is your thing, then this new addition to the Bejeweled family is a must-have for your Android device.

Missing popular Blitz mode. Very finicky in terms of which phones it will run on; if you have a new, high-powered Android device, you’re likely set to go. Lacks Facebook posting ability to challenge your friends to reach higher scores. Requires a large content download (25MB) to work properly.

Offers some of the best-looking graphics (eye candy!) and sounds in any Android game, bar none. Drink it in, gem-clearing fans!

Bejeweled Blitz Live
Gem Spinner
Gem Buster
Papaya Diamond

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With four game modes, crystal-clear graphics, and insanely great sound effects, there’s a lot to love in Bejeweled 2 by EA. Unfortunately, there’s a 50-50 chance you may have issues running or even installing the app, so buyer beware.

If you’re luck enough to enjoy a solid purchase process, followed by a full download of 25MB of additional content (moved to your on-board SD card ASAP), and finally a successful launch of the app, then the game will quickly become your go-to gaming experience when you’re on the go.

Most of the best parts of the original Bejeweled are here and ready to rock, challenging all comers to match at least three sparkling gems to make them explode in a colorful shower of gaming goodness. Match four or more and you’ll create a power gem that elevate your score with eye-popping cascades and combos.

The game ships with Classic mode, which offers the usual gameplay. Next is Action, challenging you to beat the clock to get the highest score possible in the allotted time. Puzzles offers a brain-bending extension to the Bejeweled experience, and finally Zen is all about limitless play. (Don’t mess with my Zen thing, OK?)

Missing, however, is Blitz mode, a purchase-killer for many diehard fans of the franchise. (Note that a free knock off of this mode is available in Bejeweled Blitz Live.) The app also lacks Facebook posting ability, which gives players of other versions of the game the opportunity to challenge FB friends to reach higher scores.

With so many issues getting in the way of the fun factor, I recommend that you watch for a future update before installing this finicky, addictive beast. May the gems be with you, and EA, as they work out the kinks!

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