Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ninja Dash rushes from fun to boring in 10 minutes flat

Platform: Android

2 out of 5


Ninja fans used to helping their stealthy avatars jump or run ever-higher in similar games will love Ninja Dash, challenging the player to help our hero to fall downwards between platforms.

Gets repetitive and, let’s face it, pretty boring very quickly.

Power ups help recharge health, protect our avatar from harm, and more. Don’t miss them!

Super Jump
Ninja rush
Fruit Ninja

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I’ve been helping stealthy martial arts experts climb and jump their way up the sides of my Android’s screen for many months now. Ninjump and Super Jump, I’m looking at you two. That’s why I was excited to give Ninja Dash a whirl.

I mean, who can resist a free, ad-support game that’s deadest on turning the tables on our expectation. Jump and climb higher, avoid obstacles along the way? Been there, done that!

Ninja Dash turns this concept on its head, challenging all comers to help this stealthy avatar fall ever downwards between rising platforms. Stay on any flat surface for too long, and you’ll run into the top of the screen and its spikes of everlasting pain and agony!

As you fall, you’ll want to avoid spiked platforms (pain!), pay attention to surfaces that will propel you left or right very quickly, and pick up falling power ups along the way. These bonus items will stop your bleeding on the inside, protect your little toes from the bad, bad spikes, speed you up for a time, and more. You’ll need as many of these as you can get to get through the toughest parts, trust me.

There’s nothing wrong with the game, per se. The ads aren’t in your face, and tilting your phone from side to side to control your ninja is easy as pie. The trouble is that the whole experience quickly becomes a bit boring. If you love spending tons of time doing repetitive motions to drop ever downward, then Ninja Dash is the game for you.

In my experience, the app succeeded in dashing from pretty fun to pretty boring in less than ten minutes. Results may vary, but it’s worth a try. Stay stealthy, my friends!

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