Thursday, December 23, 2010

Speedx 3D for Android

5 out of 5


A fast-paced 3D racer that begs the question: Can you dodge the obstacles in this tunnel and track of terror?

Lacks multiplayer. Some users report issues submitting their scores to the leader board system.

See a colored stripe on the ground? That means an obstacle of that color is just ahead. Stay in the neutral areas to avoid the oncoming barriers, or else!

With plenty of racing games to choose from in the Android Marketplace, it’s awesome to see a truly original 3D racer appear in the Droid universe. Take the controls of a lightning-fast vehicle as it travels across a hostile, blocky environment.

Using your accelerometer skills to street, you’ll need to keep your car on the neutral, gray squares and avoid the colored sections. That’s because each colored track leads to a correspondingly colored barrier. One tap and BAM, down goes your limited shields.

Be sure to touch the orange sections to charge your shield, and do you best to stay on the straight and narrow. This simple game play will yield many hours of dodging, boosting, and general racing fun in a one-of-a-kind environment. Be sure to submit your scores to the global leader board for some universal acclaim in cyberspace.

My favorite feature is the ever-changing raceway engine. You may start in a tunnel of terror, but within a few seconds things flatten out and the stars come out to reveal a standard track stretching out forever on each side of you. The difficulty also increases the longer you survive, adding up to a truly immersive and addicting title.

HyperBees, adding a live multiplayer module to your game would take it from great to insane! As it stands today, Speedx 3D is well worth the mere $1.53 U.S. to get in the game.

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