Wednesday, June 02, 2010

P90X Shoulders & Arms + Abs | Workout
Fitness Blueprint | P90X Round 9 (Get P90X or start with Power 90)
Personal | Weight: 196 (Shakeology Snack Added)

June is here. Summer is in full swing. It's time to get serious, re-focus, get my sleep schedule back on track, and max every workout.

I've been slacking. My crazy workout last Saturday with FaceBook buddy and Exeter High School grad Meredith at Corps Fitness in Reading (PA) showed me that much. Mere, thanks for the invite.

I knew I was in for something special when I arrived at the warehouse-like location. Many home made stations, some with ropes to the ceiling, some with truck tires taller than my son on their sides, and enough 8 foot high pull-up stations to let 8-12 serious folks get in serious shape.

After an hour of being put with an elite group and getting the hairy eyeball a few times -- suck it up NEWBIE! COME ON! -- I knew this was going to be a workout to remember. Honestly, if your instructor is a former (or always a) military man (bio) who, despite being in a wheelchair, is 2 X more in shape and ripped than anyone else in the room, prepare for an incredible workout with no limits.

As he posted: "Viewing my disability as my stepping stone and not my crutch will hopefully redefine the way others view the challenges they face. Dig deep and you can accomplish anything." WORD UP.

Here it is, four days later, and my hips/abs are still feeling the effects of his masterful torture. Stuff beyond P90X. Beyond Insanity. And right in Reading. I'll be BACK.

Back home from PA/Memorial Day visit, I'm back in the saddle, and ready to shake off the BS I've been feeding myself for the past few weeks.

Come September 1, you will see a newly ripped Tim. I guarantee it. With yet another solid P90X round with good food coming in. Daily. Measured.

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