Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 16 | Insanity-P90X-P90X+-One on One-Hybrid Workouts
Recovery Week + Trail Bike Rides
My 30-Week Beachbody Hybrid Calendar

Last week saw something very new to me -- a huge dip in my energy levels. Heck, I even had trouble pushing the ol' lawn mower over my insanely-lush lawn. Adding food, decreasing P90X a bit, and even cutting back on bike ride length has had zero effect.

Looks like 7-8 rounds of P90X, stacked together in an unbreakable (nice) chain can lead to... well, the need for a rest!

And I'm taking heed. Will rest this week, take some short bike rides to keep things moving, and focus on insanely great eating.

Next week will pick things up, nursing some energy back into my reserves.

Actually, it's nice to get some solid signals from my body. Been a straight line of workouts/intensity ramping for so long, I was worried that I was under-performing. Looks like I've reached a limit.

Time to push past it and keep the motor running. Enjoy our week!

We Are Here: The Pale Blue Dot from dmahr on Vimeo.

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