Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TechSmith: Gods of the Interwebs
Get SnagIt, then enter their social media contest. Today. Now. Please.

Look, you're an Internet pro, right? I'll bet you're downright savvy, mining the riches of the Internet for the information it contains, and you're active in social media settings like Facebook, Twitter, and the rest?

I'll take it a step further. As you interact with the Web and online services, I'll bet you've always wanted to be able to grab images of the things you see online. You know, take screen captures of your entire screen, or just a small part of it. Then maybe edit it to make it smaller, add arrows to point things out, even add borders, and all the rest.

Basically, you want a software tool that's one part crazy-feature-rich Photoshop, but made infinitely more user friendly and useful for daily use without a PhD or college class.

You, my savvy friend, need to grab SnagIt from TechSmith. There's a version now for both Windows and Mac. Install it, use it, love it, and realize you can do 99% of what most people do with Photoshop in a tool that costs many times less than its big daddy.

And while you're loving your new capture and image editing tool, why not give its worthy creators some love.

Tweet, Facebook, Stumble, etc. links to their social media contest to win some sweet prizes. But hurry, time's a wastin' my savvy friend.

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