Friday, November 12, 2010

Solitaire MegaPack

Platform: Android

5 out of 5


Packs 102 solitaire games into one solid, quality Android mobile app. A must-buy for all Android owners with even a pedestrian addiction to Solitaire!

Minor nit in that the app doesn’t support portrait viewing mode.

Tesseract Mobile, the app’s developer, is reactive to customer requests, frequently updating the app and adding new features.

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I have several family members (myself included) who are self-diagnosed Solitaire addicts. Now we leave our well-worn decks at home and enjoy a quick game no matter where we may roam.

From FreeCell (the Windows classic) to Klondike, Golf, Spider, and 98 more (that’s 102 in all), Tesseract Mobile’s Solitaire MegaPack is truly the cream of the crop of mobile Solitaire applications for your Android phone.

Playing each version of Solitaire is a snap. Once the cards a laid, just click a card to select it, then tap where you want it to go. Drag and drop is also enabled for each card swapping.

To move part of or entire card stacks, double-tap on the top of the stack, then tap where you wish to drop it. Double-tapping anywhere on the screen will put the stack back where you grabbed it from.

Don’t miss the Options menu, where you can turn on large card faces. If you’re getting up there in age, or simply want to make it easier to see each card, I highly recommend turning this on as your very first step upon launching the game. Choosing from the available backgrounds will also bump up the overall legibility of the cards.

The latest update brings a handy game toolbar (undo, redo any play), new sorting options make it easier to view all game types, smoother overall game play, and tons of user interface tweaks.

All of these items were direct requests from paying customers, and you have to give any app developer (thanks Tesseract Mobile!) full marks for listening, tweaking, and releasing a steady stream of updates to their already-popular offerings.

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