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Netsertive Internet marketing campaigns grow the Michigan state economy one business at a time

While the rest of the country is reading headlines that highlight negative news coming out of Detroit and Michigan as a whole, Netsertive's online marketing campaigns have been quietly and successfully fueling the state's economic resurgence since 2009.

With a majority of Michiganders using the Internet to researching purchases of new products (think new cars and trucks, appliances, and audio video installations) in their local area, it's more important than ever for Michigan businesses to be highly visible online.

Netsertive recently spent time with just three of our Michigan area clients to record, first-hand, how Michigan businesses are surviving and thriving through the power of Netsertive's online advertising programs.

Netsertive is fueling Michigan one local business at a time

Contact Tim McLain, Netsertive Marketing Manager at, 919.890.3908 (desk) or 919.800.9893 (cell) to arrange interviews with clients and our management to tell this positive story about Michigan's turnaround to your viewers and readers.

Bill & Rod's Appliances
Netsertive Michigan Success Story #1

Netsertive helped Livonia, MI-based Bill & Rod's Appliances grow sales more than 20% with a custom appliances online advertising campaign.

We recently spent a day with Tag the official customer greeter and learned more about this Michigan-based family business led by Kim, Linda, and Joe Legato.

Joe, as the third generation owner and operator, found Netsertive through a Brandsource buying group webinar. (Netsertive also works directly with MEGA Group USA and Nationwide members.)

After signing up, Joe quickly boosted sales more than 20% by harvesting online searches for Maytag, Kitchenaid, Amana and related repair services in his local Michigan target market.

His custom, localized Netsertive search and display ad campaign has driven his business to the top spot and helped him sell more products and services, month in and month out, over the long term.

Village Ford Auto Dealer
Netsertive Michigan Success Story #2

Bob Wheat is the General Manager at Village Ford in Dearborn, MI. His dealership dates back to first days of Henry Ford's company.

Netsertive built a custom Internet advertising campaign for Wheat's dealership to harvest online searches for F150, F250, and F350 truck models in his Michigan target market.

The results? Village Ford has doubled its truck sales and greatly boosted overall call volumes (BDC) for F150 through the power of Netsertive's auto dealer online marketing.

Paulson's Audio Video
Netsertive Michigan Success Story #3

Netsertive helped Paulson's Audio Video in Farmington Hills, MI, grow their business over the long term through the power of localized, custom audio video integrator Internet advertising.

In our short video, co-owner Dan Paulson talks about how Netsertive built a custom Web search and display (Local Extend™ banner ad) campaign for his custom home theater, lighting control, and local electronics business.

Paulson's is effectively harvesting online searches for his top products and brands - Integra, McIntosh, Bowers and Wilkins (B&W), Lutron, AudioQuest, Crestron, Control4, and others - in the Detroit metro target market, and has seen sales increases over the past 18 months and more.

As his Michigan primary marketing effort, Paulson's turnkey online campaign has grown the company's bottom line consistently over the long term. Netsertive sends thousands of purchase-ready customers to Paulson's website and storefront month in and month out.

As you can see, Netsertive ( leverages its powerful technology to help our clients in Detroit and across the state of Michigan to harness the power of online discovery in a way they couldn’t do previously. With fully 95% of retail sales spending occurring locally, offline, there is a massive amount of demand to be harvested through online discovery leading to local product sales.
Netsertive has served more than a billion targeted ads in hundreds of local markets since 2009. The company has raised more than $14.5 million in venture capital to date and has since hired over 75 employees, and expects to double that number in 2013 in order to keep up with its rapid growth. The company has performed at a high fiscal level, with 2011 revenues reaching nearly 7X its first year revenues in 2009.
Netsertive introduced an Ad Industry first with its Local Extend™ Digital Co-op marketing service, which automates delivery and performance of co-branded online ads across hundreds of local markets and dealers throughout North America. The Company has implemented these Local Extend™ campaigns for many major brands including Harman International, Serta, McIntosh Labs, Integra, Bowers & Wilkins, and many others.

Local Extend™ is the foundation of Netsertive’s innovative Digital Co-op service, which helps channel marketers achieve major efficiencies at both the brand and local levels by automating the cooperation and shared funding of the brands and their local channel partners.

The Company also created a one-of-a-kind online advertising technology which automates efficiencies in search, display and mobile advertising campaigns. Its patent-pending "Learning Engine" system achieves the best possible return on investment for online advertising spending in a given local market, at a defined budget level, for a defined set of advertised categories. This high-performance search (PPC Google AdWords) ad technology drives stronger, more measurable results, yielding a better return on advertising investment for its clients.

Contact Tim McLain, Netsertive Marketing Manager at, 919.890.3908 (desk) or 919.800.9893 (cell) to arrange interviews with clients and our management to tell this positive story about Michigan's turnaround to your viewers and readers.

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