Friday, July 01, 2011

“The 35 dealers in our Local Extend™ program saw sales ride by 17.5% year over year, compared to 8% for the dealer base overall--a 118% growth rate.”
- AV Manufacturer

Netsertive Powers Local Dealer and National Manufacturer
Search & Display Marketing

InfoComm 2011, Orlando, FL

Netsertive drives increased local sales opportunities and targeted online exposure by providing technology-driven, high-performance online marketing to businesses and their related brands. A Netsertive campaign will drive twice the qualified website traffic, deliver 200% more ad impressions in better positions, all at roughly half the cost to our competitors.

Unlike online campaigns offered by our competition, only Netsertive:

1. Knows your business inside and out, focusing on a select number of industries

2. Uses patent-pending technology to power every campaign, targeting the best prospects while capturing volumes of daily data across millions of searches to power instant, informed changes to maximize results

3. Scalable and flexible, enabling you to instantly change your marketing focus or add new locations, product lineups, adapt to seasonal sales patterns, and any other elements of your campaign (just call us)

4. Delivers personal service and transparent monthly reporting that provides detailed, easy-to-understand data to show how we’re spending your ad budget and measure the impact on your business

KEF Local Dealer Online Search and Display Campaigns
Netsertive Local Extend™

In this video, join Stephanie Scola of KEF and Jamie Sasser to see how Netsertive drives increased local sales opportunities and targeted online exposure to KEF USA by providing technology-driven, high-performance online marketing to businesses and their related brands. More @

Netsertive works directly with top brands in select vertical industries, creating digital Co-Op display campaigns that increase brand and product awareness.

Participating dealers then proactively harvest demand for your products in their local markets.

 Our patent-pending platform effectively funnels qualified sales leads for your products by targeting consumers through contextually relevant websites and directing them to their nearest dealer. Our clients average over a 100% increase in defined search conversions when a targeted Local Extend™ campaign is applied.

Our experts will place your brand's digital display ads on contextually relevant websites, while the ever-expanding pool of shared campaign data inside our "Learning Engine" enables us to maximize conversions.

Netsertive's Local Extend™ program enables manufacturers to provide dealers with turnkey, locally-targeted online marketing campaigns pre-loaded with high-impact display (banner) ads.

Drive Sales. Your co-branded display ads will raise brand and product awareness, directing qualified customers to dealer websites and physical locations to effectively channel online discovery into offline sales. Our campaigns will increase mindshare and goodwill in your dealer network, providing your sales channel with a ready-made tool for boosting revenue.

Leverage Technology. Every Netsertive campaign actively targets new customers who are seeking your products via search engines and industry-specific websites, then proactively harvests this demand to boost dealer website traffic and offline sales.

Our "Learning Engine" continually analyzes online conversion data, automating improvements to all of our hyper-local, brand-specific campaigns.

Unlike generalist marketing solutions, Netsertive knows that no two businesses are alike. We believe that delivering sustained, long-term results can only be achieved through a deep understanding of your industry. Our commitment to this specialized approach led us to hire a team of industry experts. Comprehensive knowledge of your business, plus real-world insight into the best practices for attracting the most qualified buyers, combines to produce superior results.

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